CMS Vendor Transition to Cloud-Based Solution

For a content management vendor, helped transition their product offering from primarily on-premises based to a completely cloud based solution. Conducted qualitative research with current customers and prospects, bench-marked their current product offerings against competitors, and worked with the technical team and company management to develop reasonable, predictable plans for the long-term transition. The result … Continue reading CMS Vendor Transition to Cloud-Based Solution

CMS Software Company Merger Integration

For a venture capital firm, provided support in merging two portfolio companies that produced content management software for publishers. Led the technical due diligence to review the two products, documented opportunities and concerns, and worked with the firm through a successful merger of the two companies. The resulting company had a successful exit three years … Continue reading CMS Software Company Merger Integration

CMS and Website Refresh for Association Publisher

For a large association publisher, analyzed their technology stack and produced sections of a large RFP for overhauling both their back-end content management systems and customer-facing websites. Documented the technology and then did a market scan for best-fit vendor solutions to target as part of their RFP process. The resulting technology mix is less expensive, … Continue reading CMS and Website Refresh for Association Publisher

Web CMS Selection for Reference Publisher

For a reference publisher, developed an RFP and led vendor research and system selection for a new web content management system. The project included integrating the web CMS with a CRM system and custom advertising platform. The resulting system gives the publisher greater capacity for content development and deployment, resulting in shorter time to market and the ability … Continue reading Web CMS Selection for Reference Publisher