Come meet us at…

Tuesday, October 30 Bill Rosenblatt  speaks on the Copyright Society of the USA lunch panel “Raiders of the Lost Act: An Adventure into Dark Corners of the Copyright Act,” New York City.
Thursday, November 8 Bill Kasdorf  speaks on “Access for All: How Libraries, Publishers, and Vendors Can Collaborate on Accessible Products” at the Charleston Library Conference. Charleston, SC.
Thursday, November 15 Bill Kasdorf moderates “Journals, Monographs, and Trade Books Can Be Accessible Too” at Accessing Higher Ground conference, Denver, CO.
Friday, November 16 Bill Kasdorf moderates “More Accessible Than You Realize: What the Big 5 Publishers Provide” at Accessing Higher Ground conference, Denver, CO.
Tuesday, December 4 Bill Kasdorf provides a keynote address, “Getting it together: Advancing technology through collaboration,” at STM “Tools and Standards” seminar, London.
Wednesday January 16, 2019 Bill Rosenblatt chairs the 10th annual Copyright and Technology Conference, New York City.