Changing technology is an issue for all publishers. Publishing Technology Partners is your one-stop destination for addressing your publishing technology challenges and opportunities at a strategic level and implementing practical, effective solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Each of us has 25 years or more experience managing publishing technology projects. We recognized that no one of us could solve all of the technology problems of every publisher. But together we’re convinced that we’ve got the answers you need.

We’ve worked with publishers with thousands of employees in international offices and with small publishers with a staff of three. We also work with technology vendors serving the publishing industry, ranging from early stage startups to Global 500, on market strategy, product design, and business development.

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Our Clients

We have performed engagements for a wide range of publishing companies and related concerns, including scholarly, professional, reference, trade, educational, religious, and association publishers.

We have also worked with many publishing technology vendors, service providers, and content distributors ranging from early-stage startups to Global 500, and we have assisted several large IT vendors and consumer device makers with their publishing industry strategies.

In addition we have advised investors on due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, and post-merger integration; and we have consulted to government agencies and public policy entities concerned with publishing and intellectual property.

Our partners are also members of and provide independent expertise to publishing and technology standards bodies worldwide.

Selected Clients

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 How can we help you? Contact us and let us know!

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