Content Management Re-engineering for Educational Publisher

For a large educational publisher, implemented organization, process and technology changes to allow simultaneous publishing of print and digital products, enabling re-use and reducing costs. The project involved CMS, DAM, production tools, standards-based formats, and universal stylesheets implemented across multiple organization departments, requiring technology development and integration, change management and significant workflow changes.

SIOP Planning for Educational Publisher

For a large educational publisher, implemented a Sales, Inventory and Operations planning process to more closely tailor inventory purchasing and investment to market needs. The goal of the project was to avoid a large end-of-life obsolescence write-off, while optimizing current operating costs. The project involved substantial process change and technology implementation across operations and business … Continue reading SIOP Planning for Educational Publisher

E-Commerce for Educational Publisher

For a medium-sized education publisher, implemented an online student store to allow new commercial models in print and digital including rental, subscriptions and digital bundles. Project involved process change across Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Care functions and integration of a new Hybris e-Commerce solution with many legacy applications. 

Digital Transformation Strategy for Medical Publisher

For a medical publisher, created a multi-year strategy to transform the organization from print-centric to XML-based cross-media editorial and product development, encompassing processes, skills, organization structure, and technology.