Transition from Custom to Standard Toolset for Association Publisher

For an association publisher, supported their decision to move from bespoke content production and hosting to standard tools for production and a hosted solution for content distribution. Researched vendor choices, worked with the association leadership on staffing and outsourcing models, and wrote RFPs for pieces of the eventual solution. The result was a more streamlined … Continue reading Transition from Custom to Standard Toolset for Association Publisher

Digital Facsimile Edition for Daily Newspaper

For a national daily newspaper, helped design an Internet-delivered digital facsimile edition of the paper, including product format, production workflow, distribution channel, e-commerce strategy, and integration with the print circulation system. This helped boost circulation and ad rates while lowering costs of distribution.

Cross-Media Content Management for News Publisher

For a global news provider, led a requirements gathering effort for content management and enterprise content integration across text, image, audio, and video production organizations. Created business requirements for a new type of newsgathering workflow system that increases cross-divisional and cross-geographical visibility into story coverage while enabling more efficient production and distribution of multimedia news feeds.