Design of Open Standard DRM for E-Books

For the IDPF, Readium Foundation and European Digital Reading Lab (EDRLab), helped design Readium LCP, an open standard digital rights management (DRM) technology for e-books. Readium LCP is the first commercially successful DRM based on open source software, making it possible to dramatically lower the implementation cost of DRM while maintaining security that is acceptable to … Continue reading Design of Open Standard DRM for E-Books

IT Audit and Scorecard for Trade Publisher

For a global publisher of trade books and consumer magazines, performed an audit of content technologies used at the company and scored them according to industry best practices.  Gathered future product and new business plans and derived required technology capabilities.  Created technology architecture roadmap and high-level implementation plan.

DAM Architecture for Diversified Publishing Company

For a diversified publishing company, surveyed several publishing divisions and defined requirements for enterprise-wide digital asset management architecture and metadata standardization; developed RFP and business case for asset management and business rights management implementation; participated in vendor selection process.