Distribution Outsourcing for Educational Publisher

For a large educational publisher, outsourced physical distribution to reduce both operating costs and the financial drag of fixed distribution assets. Scope included three facilities in the US and operations in Mexico, Singapore, UK, Peru and Chile. The project saved 15% in annual operating expense and provided career paths for physical distribution staff in an … Continue reading Distribution Outsourcing for Educational Publisher

SIOP Planning for Educational Publisher

For a large educational publisher, implemented a Sales, Inventory and Operations planning process to more closely tailor inventory purchasing and investment to market needs. The goal of the project was to avoid a large end-of-life obsolescence write-off, while optimizing current operating costs. The project involved substantial process change and technology implementation across operations and business … Continue reading SIOP Planning for Educational Publisher

QR Codes for Textbooks

For a medium-sized education publisher, implemented serialized QR codes on books to enable digital bundles and better supply chain tracking, crediting, and counterfeit detection of physical books. Project enabled tracking of samples and identifying the source of returned books. This project will also allow providing authorized access to online materials to the specific student purchasing … Continue reading QR Codes for Textbooks